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Our goal in all business dealings is to act with integrity in a mutually profitable environment with our franchisee's success and customer's satisfaction a priority. We have 41 years of experience operating in the restaurant industry featuring stuffed baked potatoes. This dining concept is unique, simple, and profitable. Unlike typical franchised restaurants, Spectacular Tubers is low overhead, low maintenance, and low payroll.

Advantages to a Spectacular Tubers Franchise include:

• No Hood or Fire Suppression System
• No Fryer and Grease
• Closed on all Major Holidays
• Closed on Sundays
• Open from 11am to 8pm
• A Family Friendly Operation
• An Operation based on Simplicity

Total Investment

$65,000 - $125,000

Support Prior to Signing a Franchise Agreement

From the initial contact to the signing of a franchise agreement, we will at no charge or commitment....

Assist in site location and lease negotiations.

Verify that the location you select meets all state and local regulatory requirements.

Provide you with realistic estimates of all cost you can expect to incur in your chosen location.

Support Upon Signing a Franchise Agreement

If you commit to the franchise agreement, we will at that point...

Provide you with a floor plan to secure Health Department permits and all other necessary licenses and permits.

Assist in setting up your corporate structure, including federal and state permits and registrations (if you desire).

Walk you through the necessary renovations and/or construction task to have your restaurant ready for inspection and operation.

Provide you with the list of equipment, the available places of procurement, and the cost to acquire.

Provide insight into the employee selection process and provide training for your employees at our locations in Louisiana at your expense prior to the projected opening date.

Provide trained professional representatives to work with your staff on a pre-opening guest day, the official opening day, and the continuing days until we feel you have a competent team of employees.

Direct you in the activity of paying all required vendors, taxes, and reoccurring fees, including registering online with state and federal employment taxes and employment insurance requirements.

Assist setting up all the necessary account procedures.

Support After You Open for Business

After you open for business, we will....

Perform periodic visits for the purpose of reviewing your operation in regards to professionalism, cleanliness, efficiency, food safety handling procedures, orderliness, and aesthetics.

Monitor your sales trends, food cost as a percent of sales, inventory conditions and levels, and your payroll as a percent to sales to advise and direct you.

Offer full access to our representative during restaurant business hours to answer your questions or help in the particulars of your operation.

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